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WordPress iPhone app

I’ve been blogging a lot more recently. Mostly because I bought the CSS upgrade a couple weeks back and I’m finally happy with how my blog looks. Also because I’ve found that I really enjoy getting my thoughts off my chest. Anyway one thing led to another and it didn’t take long before I was looking for a wordpress app for my iPhone. There were a bunch to choose from but because I trust wordpress I decided to download the genuine wordpress app.

At first I had a hard time using the app. There were some interactions that didn’t behave like I expected. For instance if I edited the title of a blog without editing the content I was never given a save button. I had to go in and modify the content before I could save my modified title. Also saving my blog post over the 3G network caused some problems. Two out of three of my attempts to save over the 3G network timed out after 5 minutes without saving or publishing the post.

Now it may seem like I have only bad things to say about this app, however I think I had not found how to optimally use it. Typically we’re used to a live connection to publish our blog posts, instead publishing blog posts from your iPhone is better served by locally authoring your content. If I author content locally I can quickly and efficiently write a post, including photographs from either my gallery or camera, and publish when I have a strong 3G connection or a wifi connection.

The other noticeable benefit I have found is “idea-generation”. When I happen to be wondering around walking, shopping, traveling or basically not near my computer I can create and even start writing my blog posts. I have found that typically I’ll start a post while it’s fresh in my mind and then later I’ll change the status from “local draft” to “draft”. Changing the status to “draft” then publishes the post to the web where I can finish up and polish everything with HTML view. This approach has worked best for me.


Fring – iPhone skype, gmail, twitter and more…

I read a blog the other day about iphone wifi phone calls and I came across a non-jailbroken app called fring. I downloaded the app and started playing around and I couldn’t believe how impressive it was.

Upon starting the app I was welcomed with a long list of social media and instant messaging services. The list included services such as gmail chat, yahoo messenger, ICQ, AIM, skype, twitter and more. With one click I added my username and password for a couple of services (skype, gmail, AIM and twitter) and I was ready to go.

Fring took me to my contact list which included a long consolidated list of all my contacts from each service where I could connect and chat live using either my wifi or 3G.

Once I chose to chat my conversation was live. Now I have a wireless instant messaging tool that is not service dependent.

I haven’t had a need to play with the wifi phone call funtionality yet but I can imagine that it will be very handy for cheap international calls. As far as I could tell it seemed to offer skype-out calls over 3G.