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iPhone shopping on amazon

I was walking home from work today and I decided it was time to buy a new iPhone leather case, the one I had broke and my iPhone was left unarmed to fend wherever it gets tossed. I use amazon for the majority of my online purchases so naturally my first stop was amazon.com. I assumed they would have an iPhone interface and I was eager to check it out. Most of the iPhone web interfaces I come across are fairly debilitated compared to the site I’m familiar with and I suppose I expected the same with amazon.

Initially I was frustrated. Feedback was hidden and I couldn’t find a description. All I wanted to know was whether or not the case would fit my 3G. After searching around for a while I came across an item that had 3G in the title so that was enough for me.

To be honest I expected my frustrations to continue however that was not the case. Very much like the “real” amazon.com I was able to 1 click checkout, select one of my previously used addresses and purchase with one of my previously used credit cards.

The entire checkout process took no longer than 1 minute and it was simple. Needless to say I’m much more confident about purchasing from amazon using my iPhone.


Please wait for the next register

I was trying to look around the web for gift ideas and after checking amazon I thought I would check Macy’s because they have a store right by my house. After finding the right url (not macy.com) I was surprised to find the following message “It is a little crowded in here right now and to make sure everyone enjoys shopping with us, we’re asking new visitors to wait here a few moments while other shoppers finish up”. While I appreciate their concern for other shoppers I think their approach is fairly poor. Anyway, I just thought that was random

Macy’s website down

Christmas Shopping

Ahh, the wonderful chaos we call Christmas.  Actually I really love Christmas and even though I live one block away from a mall I still found myself doing the cycles around the city to all the different shopping centers.  I was going to write about the wonderful gifts I bought for everyone but I recently found out that my Dad knows about my blog (probably my only reader) so I will try to keep the element of surprise.

I will admit that my family does not do well with surprises.  My mom constantly talks about who got what and what everybody wants.  This year my family decided to do an “open wish list”.  Instead of buying surprises for each other we decided to tell each other exactly what to buy for us.  Although I do think this is a much more responsible approach to receiving gifts it does ruin a bit of the surprise.

So yesterday Melody and I started out by heading down to “Las Americas!!” outlet mall.  The weird thing about the mall that on the back side of the parking lot is a huge 17 foot high fence.  What are they trying to keep out you may ask…. the whole country of Mexico.  That’s right the mall is built about 20 feet away from Mexico which made my shopping experience different because Melody and I were the only white people there.  Now I know my co-workers are going to say I’m racist but I truly didn’t have a problem with this.  I merely wanted to point it out because that doesn’t happen much in the U.S.

After Las Americas we went to Mission Valley mall.  I don’t really like Mission Valley mall but it had a target and a Bed Bath and Beyond so it made more sense.  Nothing memorable happened in Mission Valley so I won’t write anything more about it.  Although we did have Monsoon Indian To Go which was exceptional.