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Follow Up – Developer Limerick Battle

After Guerric’s last response I had to do something tricky, I pulled out the limerick. Here it is:

I’ve got something to share bout Guerric
most of you would find his designs hysteric
he has no design skill
completed skins = nil
And his photoshop skills are barbaric

—limerick by Damien Howley

Skype Rap Battle

So I read a blog post earlier today about two geeks having rap battle in skype and it inspired a little bit of creative spirit.  Given the competitive nature in the office I quickly wrote a wrap to Guerric about some of his development tendencies and he quickly responded.  FYI Fiesta and Deuce are two different theming templates for our software.  I developed Fiesta and Guerric worked on Deuce.


yo G, what you trying to do?
being a fake developer is easy for you!
working all year on the easy dialogs
you’d be more productive playing with some pogs
oh wait, you worked on Deuce too?
before you get excited I’ve got news for you!
Fiesta don’t have no opposition
so how many times will you not listen?
work on a skin that has had some success
cuz if you work on duece your fightin against the best!!!!


damien, errr, lamien,
your rhymes are busted,
your grammar is wack,
i’ve seen better lyrics from a child on smack.
if you think it’s funny,
to laugh at deuce,
you’ve got something coming,
it’s your code from a noose.
my pedigree don’t lie,
my history is true,
fiesta’s demise is about to ensue.
the next generation of skinning is here,
svn delete fiesta to hide your fear.