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So today I am quite impressed with Google.  Not because of their stock or their market growth but because of their values.

MindTouch apparently does enough work with Google to receive a thank you note during the holiday season.  When we received our thank you note it was very quickly passed around the office as no one wanted to really deal with it.  It seems like Google was asking for us to make a donation to a charitable cause.  When the box came to me I decided to take a look at it.  I figured that if we were going to make a donation we could make it to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society which I am a part of.  Upon reading I found out that Google actually gave us a $100 gift card to give to an educational project of our choice.  I thought that was pretty cool so I selected a local education project that focused on informing students (grades 3 to 5) about current events in non-adult language.

After making the donation I glanced in the box again and saw that there was something else.  I pulled out this small Google branded wallet/pouch and inside it had what looked to be a business card.  When I took out the business card i saw that it had a portion of the card that could flip out.  Even though I didn’t know exactly what it was I had an idea.  After plugging it into my usb drive I found out that it was a 2GB usb drive.  I was very impressed.

Nice job Google, I feel appreciated and I also feel generous because I gave to a charity.

Back from Thanksgiving

Chicago was cold - pic of Andrew and my DadI got back from Thanksgiving late Monday night. It was very nice to get back to San Diego but I did have a terrific time with my family. Melody and I arrived in Chicago late on Wednesday night and were greeted by my mom, dad, and Andrew. Since we arrived so late we said hello and went to bed.

Thursday was great. We didn’t really do much of anything. My parents prepared a huge Thanksgiving dinner. Their new kitchen has a lot more space for cooking so this year we had 14 items in our Thanksgiving dinner. My favorite of course were the Yorkshire Puddings that I kindly told Melody tasted awful just so I could have hers. After dinner we sat around and played cards together.

Friday was another lounging around day. I didn’t want to get caught in the chaos of Black Friday shopping so I didn’t do much during the day. In the evening we went on a search for an Indian restaurant that was recommended to my parent. When we arrived at the restaurant it looked like shit and it was completely vegetarian which really didn’t fly with me. We disputed for a little and ended up at the thai restaurant next door. IT wasn’t too good but we had a good time making fun of the place and the other patrons.

Picture taken from top of Hancock building, Chicago ILSaturday turned out to be jam packed with things to do. We woke up “early” around 11 and went for breakfast at Einstein Bagels. After breakfast we jumped on the Metra train and went to downtown Chicago. I love downtown Chicago. It is packed with people. There’s always somewhere to go and generally I feel safe downtown. After walking up Michigan Ave we stopped off at the Hancock Building for a drink. It was really beautiful. I’d already been up their a couple times before but I know Melody loved it. We watched the sunset on the 95th floor of the Hancock building. After about an hour we headed down and caught a cab to Room 21.

Room 21 is apparently Al Capone’s old hang out and has been renovated into a modern upscale restaurant. The food was very inconsistent. I ordered the steak rib and scallops which turned out to be absolutely delicious, however, Melody ordered the salmon and it wasn’t quite as good. Over all the restaurant was very nice. After Room 21 we hopped on the train and went home to retire for the evening.

Sunday was fairly boring. Melody and I had planned to go back downtown to check out the Museum of Contemporary art but decided not to because we were tired. We started of the day with breakfast at a local restaurant. After breakfast my brother had to travel back to his college (Miami University of Ohio). It really sucked to say goodbye to him. I always have a good time with my brother and I knew I was going to miss him.

Me and Melody outside the train stationMonday was also quiet. It was basically the day were we just wait around until our flight. Fortunately we had most of the day to relax so it was too stressful. We took off around 8 and our flight had to stop in Vegas, which sucked because I didn’t know it had to. Overall I had a really good trip home. I’ll be back there in 3 weeks and I can’t wait.