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Chia guy with growing hair

For Christmas my parents got me a fairly weird gift, a chia guy that grows hair on his head.  Every year I get a handful of tiny little gifts that are funny or quirky and most of them a fun time.  Anyway I decided to give it a shot so I watered my Chia guy and sat back and waited.  I also took some pictures which I thought I’d add below.

The last one is after I gave him a haircut.  Since then I haven’t really paid much attention to my Chia guy but the first couple weeks were priceless.


Green Idea – Green gift baskets

I’ve had this idea for about 6 months now and funny enough I had a friend call me last week asking if I knew any companies in San Diego that would deliver an “environmentally friendly gift basket.” I snickered at the question and told him the story of how I thought someone could make some money of such an offering.

Well, just to clarify the idea I had was to start a company that delivered eco friendly gift baskets. Everything about the gift basket had to be eco friendly including the items in it, the packaging, the delivery and even the content (books, guides, etc). So what I’m thinking is you get a gift basket with environmentally friendly advice booklets, LED bulbs, recycling guides, my shower timer, a re-usable shopping bag, etc. I’m sure there are hundreds more items that could be included I just haven’t put enough thought towards it.

I suppose, if it has any food, that it should should be organic and free-range. That in itself brings up some random thoughts, I don’t think most people send chicken, beef or pork in a gift basket but you never know. I guess it could be free-range beef jerky!

Well, back to the original thought. I think there is some money to be made selling these green baskets. With today’s huge push to be environmentally friendly it makes sense. I don’t think it is really the contents that matter but rather the teaching or promotion of “thinking green”. For instance my parents live in Chicago and they have never really had to be eco friendly. They’re not awful but they’re not good. If I could send them a green gift basket they might become more aware of their actions. Like I said last week:

What it boils down to is awarness. If you’re not aware of what you consume you will never consciously attempt to reduce it. The same applies for electricity, food, money etc. By making people aware of the water they are consuming they may be much more inclined to reduce their usage.