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Fring – iPhone skype, gmail, twitter and more…

I read a blog the other day about iphone wifi phone calls and I came across a non-jailbroken app called fring. I downloaded the app and started playing around and I couldn’t believe how impressive it was.

Upon starting the app I was welcomed with a long list of social media and instant messaging services. The list included services such as gmail chat, yahoo messenger, ICQ, AIM, skype, twitter and more. With one click I added my username and password for a couple of services (skype, gmail, AIM and twitter) and I was ready to go.

Fring took me to my contact list which included a long consolidated list of all my contacts from each service where I could connect and chat live using either my wifi or 3G.

Once I chose to chat my conversation was live. Now I have a wireless instant messaging tool that is not service dependent.

I haven’t had a need to play with the wifi phone call funtionality yet but I can imagine that it will be very handy for cheap international calls. As far as I could tell it seemed to offer skype-out calls over 3G.