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Aggressive Apple Marketing

I was checking out Digg.com a little earlier and I came across a link titles “Apple’s advertisement on Cnet’s Vista Page”. The title alone was enough to make me check it out. What I found was an awesomely planned advertisement by Apple. Apple actually purchased both advertising spaces on the page which include a large horizontal ad up top and a fairly wide vertical ad on the right side. In the vertical ad they had their typical “I’m a mac… and I’m a pc”.

Don’t give up on VistaThis is where it gets funny. The top advertisement had a bulb sign that says “Don’t give up on Vista” with he bulbs were all dulled out at the start of the ad. Down in the other ad the pc guy had a big red button with a wire which was apparently connected to the top ad. Once prompted the pc guy starts to discuss how some people are giving up on Vista or event moving back to XP and that their new sign would clear things up for everyone. He pushes the big red button and only part of the sign lights up. Keep in mind this is all on the Windows Vista page of CNET.

I was quite impressed by both the ad and aggressiveness of Apple. To be honest I haven’t seen anyone else utilizing multiple ad spaces to interact together.

Check out the ad for yourself at http://www.cnet.com/windows-vista.html