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So today I am quite impressed with Google.  Not because of their stock or their market growth but because of their values.

MindTouch apparently does enough work with Google to receive a thank you note during the holiday season.  When we received our thank you note it was very quickly passed around the office as no one wanted to really deal with it.  It seems like Google was asking for us to make a donation to a charitable cause.  When the box came to me I decided to take a look at it.  I figured that if we were going to make a donation we could make it to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society which I am a part of.  Upon reading I found out that Google actually gave us a $100 gift card to give to an educational project of our choice.  I thought that was pretty cool so I selected a local education project that focused on informing students (grades 3 to 5) about current events in non-adult language.

After making the donation I glanced in the box again and saw that there was something else.  I pulled out this small Google branded wallet/pouch and inside it had what looked to be a business card.  When I took out the business card i saw that it had a portion of the card that could flip out.  Even though I didn’t know exactly what it was I had an idea.  After plugging it into my usb drive I found out that it was a 2GB usb drive.  I was very impressed.

Nice job Google, I feel appreciated and I also feel generous because I gave to a charity.