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Green Idea – Shower timer with time and gallons

I’m a fairly environmentally conscious person and I occasionally have ideas that I think would either help the environment or encourage people to treat the environment better.  I’ve had this idea for a while now but I don’t have any time to actually create it and take it to market so I’m offering it up to anyone who’s interested in the hopes that it may come to fruition.  I can’t say that I sincerely think it will but I may as well get my thoughts out there.

Simply put I’d like to create a small timer, much like a cooking timer, that has both time and gallons of water consumed.  The timer would be secured inside a shower or bathtub with a suction clip and would provide someone with a good estimate of how many gallons of water they use for their 20 minute shower, 30 minute shower and so on.

Obviously the gallons of water would be an estimation but I think it would be somewhat close to the actual consumption.  Additionally we could provide a chart or table that outlined a “water consumption guide”.  Something like “20 minute daily shower = 2,500 gallons per month.”

What it boils down to is awarness.  If you’re not aware of what you consume you will never consciously attempt to reduce it.  The same applies for electricity, food, money etc.  By making people aware of the water they are consuming they may be much more inclined to reduce their usage.