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New iPhone charger (with the green dot)

I’m usually not the type of person to respond to warranty or recall announcements, I generally don’t have time.  However, when it comes to my iPhone I think I’m a little bit more sensitive.  So I found myself immediately filling out the form for the recall of the ultracompact iPhone charger.  Even though they said they’re not sending the chargers out till October 10 mine arrived on the morning of the the 9th.  

I used the charger for the first time yesterday around 5pm and to my surprise I still have a 100% full battery today almost 31 hours later.  Why the sudden increase in battery life?  My typical battery life was around 8 hours before and most days I had to charge during the day and evening.  So the question I have is was the exchange really for safety reasons?  Did Apple just make it all up because so many people were bitching about the iPhone battery life?  I guess we’ll never know!  Regardless I’m estatic that I can finally begin to use my iPhone on a regular basis without having to permanently plug it in.  Nice move Apple!