A San Diego winter day

I love the fact that I live in San Diego and although I regret to say this I do a pretty damn good job of rubbing it in everyone else’s face.  I really only do it because I want them to live here to and enjoy this beautiful city.  Anyway, today was March 1st and whereas most people across the country are putting on their hats and gloves my friends and I headed to Mission Bay for a day of sailing.  It was absolutely beautiful weather and the wind was quite good.  Roy, Melody and I rented a 16′ sailboat and headed out to sail bay where we met up with Max and his group.

The wind was just perfect and because it was my first time sailing the 16′ (I’ve rented the 18′ and 22′ many times before) I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Because of the strong winds we had no problem leaning the boat and at some points even took on water.  I captained the sailboat for the first 2 hours and then I gave it to Roy and Melody to take care of the rest.  When I was free I took the opportunity to take some photos  with my new camera which I was quite happy with.

As you can see it really was a beautiful day out.  I also took my point and shoot digital camera for video but I left the memory card at home.  I can’t wait to take video next time.



5 responses to “A San Diego winter day

  1. You suck.


  2. Have you ever traveled???
    I am just curious how you speak in such absolute terms.

    You should really get out and travel, and see the world (or at least the country).

    • I have traveled. In fact I only became a US citizen last February as I spent the first 10 years of my life in Europe.

      Also I have traveled throughout most of this country and I can still confidently say that I’d rather live here. Outside of the US is another story as I have found plenty of places that I would enjoy living.

      So where have you traveled and why do you seem to get offended by the fact that I love the city that I live in?

      An answer would be appreciated


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