My new Olympus Evolt

As usual Melody spent way too much on my for Valentines day, she bought me an Olympus Evolt 520 Digital SLR camera.  Even though she spent more than me I have to say that I would prefer my camera to the jewelery that I got her.  To each is own I suppose.  Anyway after ordering the other required pieces from Amazon (compact flash card and a carrying bag)  I went out this morning with Roy and took a ton of pictures.  We went to Seaport Village which is right on San Diego Bay and is quite nice.  With the combination of the beautiful weather and the scenery/atmosphere I got some nice shots.  

All in all I was very happy with the 100 or so photos I took.  It was my first time using a digital SLR so I have a lot to learn.  

One of the more troubling issues was converting the images from .orf (olympus raw format) to .jpeg so I could upload them to flickr.  After much research and a couple failded downloads I found a .orf to .dng (digital negative) converter and once I had them in .dng (lossless quality conversion) I could open them with Adobe Browser.  From there I selected the .dng photograhps and right clicked on them to open them in Adobe Camera Raw.  Adobe Camera Raw then allowed me to modify the lights/darks etc and then batch save them as .jpg.   

Apparantly this situation can be remedied by upgrading to Adobe Photoshop CS3+ which supports the new Adobe Camera Raw 5.7 (CS2 only supports up to ACR 3.7 which doesn’t support .orf). 


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