Apartment living and recycling

I’ve been living in apartments for my entire California experience, about 4 years now. Apartment living lacks many benefits, I miss having a yard, I can’t stand the limited storage and I find it very challenging to recycle. I think the challenge makes sense really. Space is limited and the recycling bins are 5 stories down on the other side of the parking garage. There is no recycling shoot, only a trash shoot so it’s easier to just say “screw it”.

I’m not saying that I’m the most Eco-friendly citizen but I at least make an effort. I unplug my plasm at night and I’ve installed all energy efficient bulbs thanks to the SDG&E subsidy. I refuse to use my AC but I understand that luxury doesn’t pertain to most places outside of southern California. I also recycle and it’s not too much of a hastle.

To store my recyclables I converted one of my bottom kitchen cupboards into a storage bin. It’s one of those cupboards that is huge, it stretches all the way back behind the oven and is very inaccesible. I lined it with garbage bags for leaks and I basically throw anything that is recyclable in there. I spend about 20 minutes every two months sorting through my recycling stash and another 10 dragging it downstairs. I also keep a brown paper bag by my front door for paper recyclables, especially mail.

My effort is minimal and I’m able to recycle a lot, which I think is more than most other apartment dwellers can say.



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