Skinning Deki Wiki

survival of the fiestaI’m a graphic designer for a great company called MindTouch. We develop a wiki and up to date things are going pretty well. Most of the time I work on developing new templates and then developing new skins for those templates. The most recent skin I developed is called Fiesta. It is very consumerish and has nice curved edges and big icons. It’s really pretty basically. I also built it keeping in mind that many other people would like to customize this for themselves. It is very flexible and easy to manipulate.

About two weeks ago I heard of another template being developed “under the radar”. They call it enterprise (Deuce Skin) and they (yeah I am stereotyping the programmers) thinks it’s the greatest new development there is. I have my own opinion on the matter so I thought I would provide a visual to better convey my message.


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